Best Indoor Shoes for foot pain relief – The Oofoos Clog

Shoes for the indoor hard surface:

If you’re like me and you have a job that requires a lot of time on your feet, then a comfortable indoor shoe is a must have item.  I’m a teacher and I’m constantly running around on the hard cement floors of my school. I’d love to wear roller skates, but the higher-ups frown on that.

I have to do some hiking after work each day to run errands and get home. Since I live in NYC, I don’t have the luxury of hopping in my car. There’s nowhere to put a car around here.

Switching shoes during the day helps your feet and the shoes

So I wear two pairs of shoes each day. I wear one shoe for the indoors that never goes outside. I wear another pair for the hike home at the end of the school day. Switching up my shoes helps them last longer.

I ran across the name Oofoos by accident while I was, once again, browsing for something to wear at work.

Clogs have come a long way

I can’t help but have a picture in my head of the hard clogs everyone wore in the 70’s and 80’s. I was jealous because my feet could not handle the hard surfaces on those shoes. I know a lot of young women swore by them. Now that I’m middle-aged I don’t see them as much. I guess middle aged feet need something more comfortable.

I ran across the name Oofoos by accident while I was  browsing for something to wear at work. I spend a crazy  amount of time on Amazon, but I have found some incredible shoes. So it makes my search and find process worthwhile.

I had some trepidation about the shoes after reading the reviews because these are not normal clogs. They are made of a synthetic rubbery material that is very soft.

The material keeps your feet from sliding around

My issue is having my feet slide around inside shoes with an open back. They don’t always offer the support I need for my heel. But I was desperate for some relief at work.

Because Oofoos clogs are made of rubber, they stick to your feet. I only wear them with socks and my feet do not slide around.  There is a downside to this if you like wearing shoes without socks. You may have trouble getting used to this clog.

I wore them for about a half hour once without socks and my feet felt hot and sticky. With the addition of socks my feet feel cool and dry in these socks.

Oofoos offers a similar shoe that is open toed for women who need to go barefoot. I also own the open toe version that I wear at home. So Oofoos has covered all the bases. You can pick either style to suit your preferences.

The price was right at around $50, so I gave them a whirl.  I was pleasantly surprised. These Oofoos soft rubber clogs are the only thing I’ve worn at my job for the last several month.  I’m so happy to get to work and put them on.

The pain from my Plantar Fasciitis is gone. In addition, my high arches are getting the support they need so my achilles tendon is getting some rest.


Picture of Oofoos black clog
My feet love this indoor clog






The arch support is wonderful but not for everyone

A word of caution for those with flat feet and low arches: This shoe might cause you pain. Flat feet normally require a zero drop foot base and Oofoos have a rounded bump mid-shoe to massage your arches.  This can either be a wonderful thing or an exercise in agony depending on your foot issues. So proceed with caution.

Most companies that sell this shoe have a decent refund policy. So you can order them and give them a test run around your home for a couple of hours. It’s best to wear them indoors until you decide whether you’re going to keep them.

An Excellent shoe with a couple of minor issues:


Soft synthetic rubber that molds to your feet

Excellent arch support

Easy to clean with a rag or in a washing machine

Durable – the soles don’t wear down easily

Takes your weight off your heels and soles

Good ventilation


Arches may be too high for some people

Hot and sticky without socks

This shoe could change your life

Give them a shot.  Your feet will thank you. If these don’t work then keep an eye out on this blog for more posts about shoes for painful feet. There is a right pair of shoes for every person and every foot problem.